Student SUCCESS in Reading

Texas SUCCESS is pleased to offer access to Istation Reading, a computer-based learning system that provides research based reading instruction to complement core reading programs

The Istation program integrates direct, and systematic instruction with strategic reading skills to improve phonemic awareness, alphabetic knowledge, vocabulary, and reading comprehension for students in grades 3-8

Computer-adaptive curriculum that dynamically adjusts to each student’s skill level

Engaging, interactive content in a game-like format that kids love

Differentiated instruction to accommodate different learning styles

Immediate access to comprehensive, customizable, insightful reports

Assessments and lessons reviewed by a respected advisory board of academic scholars

Measurable results in elevating students to on-grade-level reading

A rich library of teacher resources, including over 1,900 teacher-directed lessons, complete bibliographies for each lesson, online interactive books, a teacher’s manual, a user’s guide, and technical support